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opinion the four color personalities will wait on the Network Marketing MLM distributor to inform to prospects in a scheme that benefits them. Talking to your prospect in a language that relates to their needs is valuable. If you can't picture to them, they will shut you out immediately.

Each color personality has its' advantages and disadvantages in the network marketing business arena. Once network marketers learn how to talk to the different personalities, the task of marketing their product is less daunting.

The four color personalities discussed in Network Marketing MLM businesses are divided into four quadrants: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Most of us overlap and become Blue/Green for example.

Blues are originate and dispute. When you talk to a blue about a Network Marketing MLM, they will say whatever they are thinking and you'll learn a lot about them. Blues don't actually read their policies and procedures or look the compensation concept. They cruise them and consume they will be aesthetic as they are in a race to regain started building their business.

Greens are Closed and Indirect. excellent luck getting grand information out of them, but give them some facts and figures about your MLM opportunity and they will happily analyze them for hours, days, weeks and sometimes even years. Greens want all the facts and figures.

Yellows are originate and Indirect. They will talk to you, but not directly. They will not want to afflict your feelings or anyone else's. Yellows are very sensitive and will only be enthusiastic using the network marketing business to attend others.

Reds are Closed and issue. The red is so lisp that they can be viewed as aggressive and coarse at times. They aren't involved in itsy-bitsy talk. The reds fair want to know if you are keen in their business. If not, then they are on to the next person. Many reds leave a hump of plain blues, yellows and greens in their quest for network marketing MLM success.

Every personality is though-provoking and astonishing. Having a wide variety of personalities in your organization will do nothing but enhance your business.

Blues will relieve everyone have fun and brighten their day.

Greens will happily analyze details for your team helping everyone else hold abreast of the finest details.

Yellows will happily befriend anyone and everyone and feel they are truly blessed to be building a business and helping people as well.

Reds will never stay. They will persistently push through all barriers to meet success head on and bask in its glory.


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