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If you are looking for a free download for learning Spanish conversational skills, most of the first tier of interactive audio Spanish learning programs have one. Some you cannot download but can listen to and interact with online.

The first tier of interactive audio Spanish learning programs with an emphasis on conversational Spanish, consists of Rocket Spanish, Learning Spanish Like Crazy and FSI Spanish.

All have sample lessons that you can sign up for and take for free, either by downloading or listening to them and interacting with them online. Each sample lesson is a free download to learn spanish conversational skills.

These are in the way of "free samples", given out in hopes that you will like them and be influenced to buy the full learning course for conversational Spanish. Fully downloadable versions of the learning programs can be downloaded 24/7 for around $100.

All are excellent courses, with Rocket Spanish probably the best of the lot. All give out free samples.

Another approach is to start with learning how to learn languages in general. There are books that teach this, "science of learning languages", as a whole separate subject.

For example, there is a new Breakthrough Language Learning course out recently that teaches you how to learn how to speak, read and write any foreign language, quickly. It uses an interesting and extensive range of mind tricks and memory techniques.

The idea is, rather than drag through the drudgery that language-learning can be (using traditional classroom methods), to get in tune with how your brain works and use it to best advantage.

It is said that we only use 10% of our brain's potential. They claim to show you how to unlock more of your brain's potential, with great results.

There are several books available along this line of thought and approach. An interesting part of Breakthrough Language Learning is (getting back to the subject of free downloads!) that they also give you a list of 176 websites that offer free language-learning software and lessons for downloading.

So instead of buying a language learning course and studying it, you could get a book on how to learn any language, and, knowing that, could provide your own packaging framework to learn the language of your choice from the free sources.

Either way you get some free downloads to help you learn spanish conversational skills!


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