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Calibre screenshotLast week the Amazon announced that its sales of electronic books in units have exceeded their sales books, Notepad. Further proof, of course, the eBook is upon us and all the more reason for you to check the caliber, software management, multi-platform, free eBook, it's simply the best in class.
Caliber you can manage all aspects of maintaining and using library eBook. you can read eBooks in almost every conceivable type of conversion of different formats, download and tag eBooks with metadata (including cover) and download eBooks on different hardware ebook readers and mobile devices including the iPhone.
Freewaregenius 5-Star PickCalibre even has a built-in server that provides online access to your e-book collection remotely.
Caliber is Manager eBook in a similar style to the media today: thumbnails, automatic uploading metadata, star rating system, even a book browsing through iTunes style thumbnail Carousel.
But even more impressive about this program is a huge range of eBook formats supported by them, as a result, allows it to be management software only eBook ebook reader, you should. Here are some notes on this program:
Labels: loading metadata and cover art is one of the most enjoyable and useful experience, you can make a bunch of disparate ebook files in libraries style beautifully delivers on this front. Conversion: you can convert a wide range of input and output formats. In the world, eBooks transformation is an important feature, because many devices have a picky about what formats they read you may lose some formatting, etc., depending on your input or output format, but you get the feeling that all this could "in the light of the situation.I converted comic book, ePub and surprising Calibre are processed it is beautiful.Input formats: CBR, CBZ, Canada, EPUB, FB2, HTML, CSV, LRF, MOBI, ODT, PDF, PDB, PRC, PML, RB, RTF, TXT and TCR output format: EPUB, FB2, ODB, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PDF PML, RB, TCR and txt, preview eBook: while the viewer inside the eBook is very competent and you can see all supported input formats "above, do not force you to use the gauge's internal viewer.Double click on the PDF eBook on the carousel, for example, opens the title in the default PDF Viewer. eBook formats, alternately, you can associate with style, if you don't have a preferred alternative.Download News: caliber can be downloaded online and transform your e-book format, allowing you to offline reading on your device later.I haven't tried this feature because I think it will, at some point will no longer be needed as more and more reading devices are WiFi and 3 G makes it possible.EBook Server: I was able to use Server style download eBooks via WiFi on my iPhone (with free e-book reader stanza). it was nice that iTunes doesn't need to participate (although caliber works with iTunes to download the book devices Apple).
Verdict: calibre is an excellent program that deserves a permanent place on your computer if you have a lot of disorganized books would be a godsend; if you have a mobile device, a sort of easy to try, you won't be disappointed.
[Thanks go to reader Roger for mentioning caliber in the comments section in my article "Top 30 freeware»]
Testing version: 0.710
Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac and Linux.
Go to homepage programme to download the latest version (approx 30 MB).

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